Sunday, February 08, 2009

Digging for the Pastor

Yep, I'm digging for a decent way to get Odom-Groh's layout back into shape.

The widgets are fine, but at times won't do what I want them to do. I haven't tried using my old coding because then the blogger widgets probably won't work, so I'm trying with what's available. So far I'm not happy with the results.... I feel like I've lost all my creativity abilities. *snif*

I really enjoyed doing layouts at the old JS, but I think too much of the fun is gone. All those lovely layouts I did have disappeared and being replaced with ready-made ones.... and re-learning it here is... well, too time consuming for me at the moment.

Larry, if you like it this way so far, I can send you the instructions for it or just give me the signal (and your password via pm at my forum) and I'll gladly fix your blogger home up a bit.

Yes, I'll still experiment here a bit... but... I STILL MISS THE OLD JS!! *cry*