Sunday, February 08, 2009

Digging for the Pastor

Yep, I'm digging for a decent way to get Odom-Groh's layout back into shape.

The widgets are fine, but at times won't do what I want them to do. I haven't tried using my old coding because then the blogger widgets probably won't work, so I'm trying with what's available. So far I'm not happy with the results.... I feel like I've lost all my creativity abilities. *snif*

I really enjoyed doing layouts at the old JS, but I think too much of the fun is gone. All those lovely layouts I did have disappeared and being replaced with ready-made ones.... and re-learning it here is... well, too time consuming for me at the moment.

Larry, if you like it this way so far, I can send you the instructions for it or just give me the signal (and your password via pm at my forum) and I'll gladly fix your blogger home up a bit.

Yes, I'll still experiment here a bit... but... I STILL MISS THE OLD JS!! *cry*


  1. Dorrie YOU are wonderful And I miss the old JS as well will send you the info.

    Only this is a mix of the two... I will send the "Digging in the Dirt" to you.

  2. I know it's a mix.... that's just me experimenting *wink*

  3. Looks really so far, Dorrie! The background is awesome. I don't know how you did this, lol. I'm sticking to the layouts/backgrounds I can find in a couple of layout sites.

    I know, it was so fun to make our own "specific" layouts that suited our journals.

    I miss the old JS too, but it's gone, and now we have to learn and live again.

    I believe in the newest site, for us JS'ers, that we will have a family connection once again.

  4. I know how you feel. One of my old friends and I were chatting and I told her what happened. It brought it all back to me too. I can't believe all I lost.. She was horrified!! I still can't imagine how something like that could happen.

    Love to you...

  5. This looks reminiscent of his old blog. I have yet to figure out how to upload a blog template onto my blogspot journal. Supposedly, it's really easy - lol.
    I have to ask the question again: has anyone seen anything from Lost Kittens/Becky anywhere? It's like all of those people just diappeared!

  6. hi Ben!

    in some ways it IS easy. There are lots of sites that offer free templates... maybe I can help you one day. I still have your background and images *wink*

    About Lostkittens... go to my forum, click on "members" and then on "L"... you'll see her registered there... send her a pm!

  7. don't know if you'll read this but I can't seem to pull up your other blog!! Not sure what's happening but I'm not having that issue with anyone elses...

  8. I'm still getting used to this site, but there are definitely quite a few things from the old JS that I miss having. But hey - we move on and we adapt.

    But I do like what you've done here!

  9. thanks Bard! yep, there are quite a few features we all miss, like the homepage!!

  10. can't wait to see this on my page ;-)

  11. I'm still having a hard time warming up to the new JS that I've finally learned some of the finer points of customizing, I hate not having the ability to do that over there.. :(

  12. ah, BryM... I remember doing one for YOU back in the old JS days. Nope, like Wordpress, the new JS, and at the moment KCL, don't allow customizing, unless, in the case of Wordprss, you PAY a fee! nope, not going to do that....

  13. Dorrie,
    I LOVE the two layouts you did for me.
    Thank YOU very much
    Pastor Larry

  14. I'm so glad you liked them, Larry!