Saturday, January 10, 2009


This journal has been sitting around for some time. At first I thought I'd re-activate it after the big JS crash, but I decided to keep my Westy name for "normal" entries.

So, what to do with this place? Well, as many of you know, I had developed a love of making layouts for folks. For that I had my Journalspace DorrieDesigns journal. Instead of re-activating that one, I am going to use this one for my experiments.

The first example is this one for MrScribbler. He still had an older, non-gadget compatible, template. For sentimental reasons he didn't want to change, but I think I managed to "capture" his old layout using a "modern" template.

I may, with time, re-do some of those I had made for journalspacers. Gosh I miss seeing them. *snif*

Dorrie aka Westy aka Birdie


  1. Hey Dorrie :) This is neat! Hope you have lots of fun!

    I have also been thinking of making a blog,

    just for experimenting and practicing in for layouts!.

    I just need to find the time,lol.

    Like now, I have to go down to the store on Scoot before it gets dusk outside!

    {{Hugs}} and happy weekend to you and family. :)

  2. The present one is a "stolen" ready-made one from for Pastor Larry...

  3. So do you think it will be possible to make them work?

  4. the biggest complaint I have is that the entry section is so narrow.... now sure if pictures will fit. I'll add some pictures maybe tomorrow.

  5. Hey, glad you decided to come here. I have also decided to stay here. This way feels WAYYYYYYYYY better than the "new" JS. Truthfully, i didn't even try it out. Welcome aboard!!!