Monday, April 17, 2006

New gal in town...

I'm new here.... I got lost navigating the skies. The winds were blowing too strongly. Now I'm looking for some juicy necktar. I'll now go fly around a bit....



  1. There's plenty of nectar here, birdie! It's a little harder to find than at some other blog-sites, but it is here nonetheless.


  2. I guess we'll just have to set up shop here. I'm wondering what the deal is that js vanished without a word. I have volumes of unsaved stuff, and a fraction of it was worthwhile.
    Won't be the first time. I lost a year's worth of drawings and animation just on my own.

  3. hi HarpO!
    I hope it was a sudden server failure and not a "We're fed up with this drama" thing... but then they have lots of paid customers (proaccess) who would get upset. I'm tipping on a server failure... let's hope!!