Saturday, May 13, 2006

I've flown the coup, but hopefully not forever

JS (journalspace) is down! And I mean completely down! It started slowly... first only the comments weren't being shown. I managed to make a post in the bug community and recieved 2 answers which I never got to read. I hope it's only a tech down, like the server off or something. It would be very sad if the admins decided to drop the whole thing! Unfortunately there are lots of people who get up set over glitches even though they are enjoying FREE service.... and even the paid users don't pay all that much! Here's hoping for the best!

I'm trying to find my way around here ... but the navigation is not as easy as at JS, and I miss the opening homepage where you could really see what's going on. Also, I enjoy being able to see which of my favorites have updated. And, does this place even show anywhere the stats or who's been visiting? I haven't found that yet.....

So, off to explore the skies of Blogger... and see how to make this nest a bit more comfy....



  1. I've opened a forum for discussing JS and it's problems. Click on the link on the right of my page. Maybe this will give a place for everyone to find other favorite JS'ers.

    spread the word!!

  2. Scribbler said there is a way to see who has come by. Now I forget what they call it, not stats, some tech sounding thing. I'll check. I don't know how to see anything on this place.
    Nice humming brid.

  3. I finally caught wheelies music video. I thought it was fantastic. Really nicely done and enjoyable. He does good music. So does his son.

  4. Just checking in. I decided that I wouldn't use the netmale name here (but it's OK to use it in reference), and I'll probably change DAL to something else, too. The account creation was a bit confusing (or maybe I was in a hurry, or stupid :-) )but I do like the blog name 'cage liner'.

  5. birdie -- go to and sign up for their free service. It tracks visitors....