Saturday, May 13, 2006

JS Contacts....

JS is still down so I have opened a section in my own forum for discussing what's going on. It's also for help to contact other bloggers since we usually don't trade or note email addresses!

So, go find some of us here

Yes, I'm a JS addict! (darn, I don't know how to insert my smilies here yet.... )

My son is coming by with his wife and her family for dinner in 3 hours... I better start finishing my house cleaning!!! I'll check back here regularly.....



  1. Hi Roz,

    This is Joy (indoloony). Glad to see you migrate to a little more stable blogging platform ;). This is my first haunt that I've never left even after joining JS :)

  2. hello Joy!
    well, even the best sites have their problems... I just don't find the navigation here very easy.... or I'm just "spoiled" by JS heehee

  3. I"m with you birdie! I'm having some trouble here myself, but it's not so bad. I just have to get used to it! :-)

  4. Oh - have fun with your son and his wife and family today. Happy Mother's Day!


  5. Hey :) I am going to be posting somewhere else for the time being.

    *hugs* Hope your dinner turned out well. Happy MOther's Day!

  6. Navigation here has a little learning curve but it gets simple soon.. Apart from missing key features of JS like community, catagories, stats and stuff like that, it's a great platform because a lot of tools have integrated into it. You'll have fun it :)

  7. at the moment I have absolutely no time to dwell into the features here.... if and WHEN JS gets back, I will be returning there for sure... but it is nice to have this back-up