Sunday, February 10, 2008

an actual entry here...

Well, after almost two years of NOT posting here, maybe I should.... I don't want them kicking me from this second nest! lol

I still post at JS and I'll still keep things there.... they have so many better features then here, like the homepage. I've even tried WordPress but that's even worst then this place!! None of my other contacts here, with one exception, posts here any more either. Oh, well.....

As usual, I have a busy schedule so this will be all for now. If and when I write a sensible entry here, only time will tell....


1 comment:

  1. Hi Birdie, oops, Dorrie oops, I mean Westy! Oh goodness!

    Just hopping around here in blogspot for a few minutes.

    I'm about to hop over to your forum. That popup security box thing is still doing it 'here' too except not as much.

    Guess I'll pm Wheelie.

    Merry Christmas!