Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

..... and here I am, trying out this blog site once again. This Birdie is looking for a new nest, just in case the old one gets wind-blown into the cyber dungeons.

I'm a Journalspace junkie and proud of it!

I'm trying out this place and WordPress and will see which one I'll stay at, IF JS goes down for good, which it hopefully won't. But you never know.

So, you JS'ers don't recognise me? No wonder, this ID is quite different since I originally wanted to just be a bit more anonymous. Didn't work heehee

So this Birdie is known throughout the blogger world normally as "Westy" or, my real name, "Dorrie".

At WordPress I'm "wildwesty", in case anyone is interested *wink*

But now I have chores to do and my online time will be quite restricted the next hours.... as I think the case will be with everyone.

Wishing all my readers a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Birdie aka Westy aka Dorrie


  1. Thankyou, Dorrie and hope your Christmas was great!

    Thinking of you and hope you have a safe flight to the states!

    Happyness follows, I bet you are soooo excited!

    I guess I'm now blogging at both here and WP.

    Still lost, sorta.

  2. At wordpress it wants me to log in to comment so will do it here instead. I hope you get your forum back and running. It always seems everything falls apart at once. Take good care and thanks for being the mother hen for us all.

  3. thank you gals for finding me and commenting. Whether I continue this blog or not depends on a lot of things.

    And Joan, my forum is working perfect again! And, the fakes have given up trying to sign up! lol

  4. Well I'm elated to report that my brand new hummingbird feeder had TWO hummingbirds feeding at it at the SAME time not an hour ago! Maybe it's happened more than that since I put that thing up this morning, but man - I can just envision all 8 of the outlets on that feeder with hummingbirds on them at the same time!
    Well, anyway, I still haven't given up hope on JS, and until something is stated differently, I will continue remain optimistic.

  5. Hi Birdie,

    Me either, I have not given up on JS Land, as it's embeded in my heart, as it is others.

    I do like the site here in BlogSpot, and the navigation, and goodies that are so easy to do!

    So I'll be blogging in both places! (JS IS coming back, maybe not with all the bells and whistles, but that's fine, very fine!) :)

  6. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and safe travels to our Wild Wild Westylicious Dorrie Bird! ;)